Fun Fact Friday Volume 29

Have you ever thought of reinventing the rules? Well, today’s Fun Fact Friday will give you some food for thought.  Hope you enjoy! And remember, as always, I’m here if you want to start your reinvention journey. (Click the image to watch)

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Fun Fact Friday Volume 28

It’s that time of the week again. Hope you enjoy this week’s insights.  As always I’m right here if you would like to connect.  (Click the image below to watch)

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Fun Fact Friday Volume 27

Today we are talking about comparing two very important concepts in Facial Intelligence. Hope you enjoy! (Click the image below to watch)

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Order Up!

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a date with a gentleman. During the week, we chatted back and forth around what we should do on our date. I suggested dinner at a restaurant in my town that came highly recommended. We agreed on dinner there for our date. When the night of the…

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I said “No” to putting him on my list…

I wanted to share a quick story with you. Recently, I reconnected with a colleague that I hadn’t worked with in years. I reached out to him because one of my clients was in need of his services. Over the course of our conversations in collaborating for my client, we got to talking about where…

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