What Can Your Face Tell You About Your Character?

So Lance Armstrong is in the news a lot these days. It is interesting to see what his face says about his character. Lance’s nose tells us he is a perfectionist and cares about the quality of his work. He is a passionate, control freak!

Is it any wonder he has decided no longer fight the allegations of doping to focus on his foundation. His eyebrows tell us that once he is committed to something he is going to stick with it and make sure it is successful. He did this in his riding career and is now choosing to do this for his foundation. He is a man who marches to the beat of his own drum. His chin tells us he has incredible tenacity and will to weather any storm. I’m sure he will thrive even through all of this public scrutiny. We can only wait to see his face in the next few months to truly know what toll these decisions will take on him!

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