Adventures in Dating and Manifesting: Whine, Whine, Wine

Good Monday Morning,

So I have a really neat story to share with you today.

This isn’t the short version, but if you stay with me, I promise you will learn something from my experience.

Over the weekend, I was out for drinks with a girlfriend of mine who, like me, has become single in the last year or so. We were chatting about how different it is to be back in the dating scene at this stage in our lives and how different the mentality of the men and women are. The Internet and dating apps have created a dating culture where it seems like people don’t make the same kind of effort anymore.

Over the course of the night we struck up conversations about what we are looking for in our ideal mates and I talked openly about how now, because of the Facial Intelligence work that I do, I really am clear on the qualities I want in a man in terms of personality, mentality and values as opposed to his physical characteristics. Men, I may not have been physically attracted to at first, I am suddenly considering going on a date with because I can see the potential for those inner qualities in their features. I have such a different perspective.

A big must have quality for me is someone who is thoughtful and giving and isn’t afraid to take an emotional risk to show he is interested in getting to know me better. My friend and I chatted about this when we were out. By the way, the potential for thoughtfulness and a giving nature can absolutely be seen on a face.

Over the course of our evening out, my friend and I chatted with other patrons of the bar we were at, and I ran into someone I knew casually who lived near to me. I’ve always thought he was a nice person, but never really had any lengthy conversations with him, nor even knew if he was single or not. As we were leaving for the evening, this gentleman said to me that maybe one day he would drop by with a bottle of wine and I jokingly said sure. Not reading anything into the comment or even believing that he would.

Well, that same evening after my friend dropped me off, my doorbell rang and sure enough, this same man was standing at my door with a bottle of wine. I was very surprised. I invited him in. We had a glass of wine together, chatted for an hour or so and then he left, like a perfect gentleman. It was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had in a long time.

And here’s the big learning. I don’t know if this is going to go anywhere at all, but what I do know is that in the past, I would not have answered the door or even let him in because I may not have been attracted to him physically initially, but when I looked at his face, I saw that he did have the potential to be thoughtful and giving and he proved that by the gesture of bringing me the wine, without trying to take the night to a physical place and that is what I am looking for.

As a result, over the course of the night, he became more and more attractive and is someone I would consider going out with again.

There is power in getting very clear on what you want and in knowing how to recognize it when it’s sitting in front of you.

I also have been asking for a long time for a man who would be sweet and spontaneous, but always from a place of “because I don’t have that kind of man.” Over the course of the evening when my friend and I were discussing qualities we wanted in men we would like to date, we were having fun. We were playful with our desires and unattached to the outcome. The request was genuine with hope and whimsy, not loneliness and desperation. And from that place, the Universe could see and hear my request and say:  “Ok, now I can show you what that experience would be like. Here you go – man bearing wine on your doorstep.” It doesn’t get any clearer than that!If you would like to get really clear on what your looking for in your ideal partner or relationship, and you want to learn a new and very intelligent way of finding that person, if you want to learn some techniques on how to get into the optimal manifesting state to create and receive the life experiences and relationship you want, then I have a few opportunities to share my expertise with you coming up.

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