Adventures in driving…

As you know, I have teenagers in my home, a couple of whom have begun to start to drive. My seventeen year old has had her official G2 license for a few months now and my sixteen year old just got her G1 which means she can drive if an adult driver is in the car with her.

If you have young drivers in your home, then I’m sure you can relate to the stories I’m going to share this week. There are some pretty valuable (even though sometimes nerve-wracking) lessons to be learned from the “becoming a driver” rite of passage.

One of the things that I noticed on a recent trip with my seventeen year old, Jaide, is what I would like to share with you today.

Both Jaide and I drove my oldest daughter to university last month. Our cars were packed up and Jaide followed me on the way up to the campus. We both had our Google maps running in our cars, but for the most part, she followed my lead.

On the way back, the traffic out of the campus was heavy, which meant we might get separated on the drive home.

We both programmed “home” into our Google maps on our phones so I knew if we got separated, she would still be able to make it home without directly following me. (What did we do before the Google maps app existed?!)

As fate would have it, we did get separated at a red light and there was quite a bit of distance between us. As fate would have it again, Google decided to take us on a very unfamiliar route home (We’d gone up to the campus before and had never been directed this particular way home in the past.).

By the time I realized the route had changed, and Google was taking me on a busier highway path home, Jaide also realized that she’d have to hop on that busy highway too – by herself – which she had never done before.

She was nervous and I was even more nervous, but she trusted the path, and herself, and we both made it home safely. Now, she’s quite comfortable on the highway as a result of that experience. This adventure reminded me of something.

You see, part of my practice is looking at a yearly “GPS,” so to speak, with the Intelligent Timing work I do with Nine Star Ki. Each year, there is a path to a destination (or job of that year, as I like to call it) that we all are traveling to in order to do the work we are meant to do in that year and there are many routes that can be taken.

The thing is, if you know where you are going (i.e. know the job of the year) then you can know how to navigate the best path to that destination, or, at the very least, know how and when to recalculate the route. If you don’t know what you are meant to do in a given year, then you may wander aimlessly through the year, not quite accomplishing what you were meant to.

If you’d like to know where you are meant to be next year and what some of the routes you could take are, then this is the perfect time to book an Intelligent Timing Consult with me. The energy of 2020 is starting to move in so you can get a great jump start on your purpose if you are ready!

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