Bet you didn’t know these two were the same…

I came across a fact that stopped me dead in my tracks recently and just knew I had to share it with you.

Did you know that stepping on a nail and hearing criticism from a loved one elicits the same pain response in the brain. That’s right – the same receptors that signal danger and pain when you get physically hurt are also engaged when someone you love criticizes you. It’s the same pain!

Why I found this so interesting is because well, Holy Cow! How often are we told we need to have a thicker skin and allow others to express their opinions even if they are hurtful? And if we are hurt by comments, we rarely seek to heal that hurt, we allow the wound to fester and poison us, eating away at our joy and self-esteem. Think about it, if you stepped on a rusty nail, would you just pretend the wound didn’t exist? Or, would you seek medical attention right away? Yet, when we are hurt by words that are well intentioned perhaps, but miscommunicated, we suffer in silence.

What also struck me was that, absolutely, there will be times when difficult conversations will be necessary, when you will need to say something to a loved one that may be hurtful. Just as, in real life, sometimes, your loved ones may be entering into situations that could result in physical harm.

So, what do you do? Well, this is why I love Facial Intelligence so much. Facial Intelligence gives us the tools to see just how someone will receive criticism or how they innately need to be spoken to to avoid pain. People give us their faces as a gift of connection to them. When you send your child to the rocky playground, you equip them with shoes so they don’t injure their feet, right?

When you need to have difficult conversations with your loved ones or even colleagues, are you equipped with the right connection tools to avoid pain?

If you want to become a pain reliever and not a pain giver, then maybe it’s time you put some new connection and communication tools in your toolbox.

You can join me for: Creating and Maintaining Meaningful Connections using Facial Intelligence starting Feb 16th 2017. This will be an 8-week Online Course. All of the details are here.

Hope to see you there!

Michelle Butt … Your Facial Intelligence Expert

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