There are so many possibilities for growth and success with face reading for business.

Here’s what we offer:

Human Resources Assistance

Looking for the right candidate for the job, his face will tell you. We can consult with you to determine if a candidate’s face fits the requirements of the job, how well he will interact with others, how best to support and train him. And even look at the faces of his peers and potential boss to offer coaching on how they will and should best interact with each other.

Success Coaching and Employee Growth and Support

Each person’s face reveals his or her particular strengths and challenges. By having us coach your management team to recognize the strengths of their staff, you can gain a whole new level of success and buy-in from employees. You can understand what people will need to be successful and exactly how to provide that for them. As well as, learning how to interact with them in terms of giving feedback, praise and training.

Sales and Service Facial Intelligence Workshops

Want to have a more productive and successful sales force, teach them the basics of face reading. When a salesperson is empowered with understanding the messages in the faces of clients, rapport is built rapidly and trust is established immediately, leading to more sales being closed and better long-term relationships being developed.

If you want to improve your customer service and customer satisfaction ratings in frontline service scenarios, equip your employees with face reading knowledge. If an employee can pick up on basic messages about a customer’s needs and service style preferences from the customer’s face, they are guaranteed to provide a better, more personalized experience for each customer. This will greatly increase your customer satisfaction and even employee satisfaction ratings as well as build brand loyalty.

We offer a wide range of service options depending on your business needs, be it facial intelligence consulting and coaching or workshops designed to introduce staff to the fundamentals of facial intelligence.

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