By Request: Reading Julia Roberts’ Face

So I had a request from Facebook for me to read Julia Roberts’ face. At the time, I thought to myself “Ok, she has an easy face to read.” Yet, when I went to search pictures of Julia’s face, and looked at her with fresh Face Reader’s Eyes, I saw more than I thought was there before.

If you look at a recent picture of Julia, you see that she has these wonderful “joy lines” around her eyes. I am so proud of her for not succumbing to the Hollywood need for Botox and erasing these lines. The “crows’ feet” or “joy lines” as I like to call them, tell us that she smiles a lot and her life is full of joyous moments. We all want to have these lines on our faces.

Julia’s nose is prominent and strong as are her nicely curved eyebrows. These features tell us that she cares about the quality of her work and holds herself and others to high standards.  As well, the tip of her nose tells us she has a sentimental nature and is generous and giving in her life.

The two features that struck me most however, were her mouth and the area just above her mouth, called the philtrum.

Julia’s lips are full and her mouth is large, almost disproportionately so for her overall facial shape and size. This could mean that she has difficulty with her relationships in life, perhaps with her relationship with her mother in particular. There may be times in Julia’s life when she feels like she needs more nurturing than she gets and this may be a theme for her. On the plus side, her mouth can speak to someone who is a great nurturer; one who is always there to feed the bellies and hearts of those she loves.

Another thing I noticed on Julia’s face was a horizontal line running through her philtrum. The philtrum, in face reading, is all about fertility and birth. When I saw this line, my first thought was “Did Julia lose a child or have difficulties conceiving?”

Sure enough, when I googled her, I found countless articles that spoke of allegations of at least one miscarriage, and in-vitro fertilization, which she has denied in the press. Julia’s face tells the story.

On first glance, there is always a bright shining light coming from Julia’s eyes, telling us that she is full of life. She is definitely living her purpose!


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