Can I get a “P,” please, Pat?

Yesterday we started a discussion about events, particularly from the point of view of the hosts’ intentions and the possible responses of participants. I thought we’d continue the discussion around events and some strategies to employ when attending events to make the most of your interactions.

If you are in business, you will attend a lot of events and Facial Intelligence™ can give you the tools you need to achieve your purpose in attending them. If you are in business and you are running events, then Facial Intelligence™ will give you insights into how to connect best with most if not all of the archetypes at your event to better achieve your purpose.

Which brings me to my first event tip regardless of if you are attending or hosting…

The first thing to consider is your Purpose. Yes, why are you there? If you are attending an event, it is imperative that you understand your purpose for being there because that will set the tone for your day. Are you going to learn, to network, to sell, to just get out or get out of your comfort zone, to support a friend or colleague or something else? When you determine your purpose for the day, you completely shift your energy, your expectations and your behaviour. In doing so, you are more receptive, open and appealing to others.

If you are the host or the speaker, it is important to understand your purpose as well. In determining your purpose ahead of time, you will be in a frame of mind that will stay strong regardless of any curve balls that come your way.

For example, I was recently asked to speak at an event that promised 15-30 attendees. When I thought about my purpose for speaking at that event, it wasn’t about getting in front of 30 entrepreneurs who were going to buy my program. My purpose was to test a new presentation I had been working on and a new way of positioning the work especially to people I had not had any contact with before which would be the case here. Of course, selling my programs would be amazing, but this was a secondary purpose for this event.

On the day of the event, only four people showed up, not 15 or 30. If I had had the purpose to sell that day, my whole demeanor would have been deflated by that kind of turn out. But, four was enough to test the new presentation and that was exactly what I did. The presentation receptiveness was my purpose and I achieved it, making the event a success for me.

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