Awareness - Event Planning - Facial Intelligence

Can I get an “A,” Pat?

Awareness is today’s event word. Yes, awareness… in two forms.

One: Self- awareness.

Know who you are and how you behave and feel in a room full of people. Know who you are that day.

Did your morning start horribly or well? Did you get enough sleep? Did you laugh your guts out in the car on the way to the event? Did you cry your eyes out on the way to the event?

Awareness of your event personality stance is all important.

If you are a Sage, you may have to consciously tap into your Captivator tool box to be more open and engaging. If you are a Royal, you definitely will have to do some energy management work before you enter a room full of other people’s energy.

Your facial archetype will have a crowded room preference and you have to make sure that your Purpose (from yesterday) is supported by your innate preference. And if it isn’t, then take steps to bring them more into alignment. (I will give you an opportunity to know what those steps are soon).

Two: Awareness of others’ event personality.

The people you will be interacting with will also have a preference of how they do events. Their faces will tell you most of what you need to know to honour them, especially on first meeting. If you are meeting a Royal for the first time, at a big event, you don’t go in for a hug. If you are meeting a Nurturer for the first time, you ask about their family. Awareness of the archetypal priorities of others will go a long way in getting you to your event purpose.

More to come tomorrow, but in the meantime if you are ready to gain more self and other awareness, book a call here and let’s talk.

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