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Can I get an “I,” Pat?

I hope you’ve been getting the Wheel of Fortune inferences this week! I went with that theme because, I wanted you to see the subtle irony of the things we’ve been talking about.

If you are not strategically paying attention to the right “words” or “letters,” then your event game will be like playing Wheel of Fortune. You will be guessing at letters to solve an unknown phrase, rather than strategically working a room.

And why do you want to strategically work a room?

Because when you are strategic in your event attendance, you can be more influential and Influence is the name of the game!

Yes, the magic vowel today is “I” and it solves the puzzle.

Influence is the true intention.

I would argue that Influence is the true intention of all that we do, whether while attending an event, at work or even at home. We connect with others because we want to influence them in some way. We want “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.” – (Definition of Influence).

How do you make sure that you can be the most effective Influencer?

You get really good at knowing your purpose; you get really good at your self and other awareness and you get really good at taking the appropriate action.

I have found that Facial Intelligence™ is the most effective tool to use to maximize your influence.

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