Karen Theimer

Michelle Butt

Karen Theimer

Karen Theimer and Michelle Butt
are your hosts for

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 9:30-11:30am

DiSH Events
2B-212 Earl Stewart Drive Aurora, ON

Michelle Butt

The purpose of this gathering is for entrepreneurs to get together and collaborate in a way they never have before!

This month's meeting will focus on the entrepreneurial identity. The aim is to assist business owners in becoming the best version of themselves in order to create the most successful businesses possible.

We want to take a holistic approach to entrepreneurship: connecting with concepts and strategies that support growth, collaboration, success and personal well being. These tools will be taken initially from the expertise tool box of the group hosts with potential opportunities for expert guests to share their knowledge in the future.

Part One: Getting to know you, Breakfast and New Networking

Part Two: Wisdom Work

Expert shares insights and education on a specific topic related to entrepreneurship/business

Part Three - Collab Spotlight

One or more participants enters the spotlight to get expert advice and guidance on a challenge they are having.

Part Four - Wrap Up and Revelation of the ETOM

(Entrepreneurial Theme of the Month)

We are so looking forward to having you join us.

Registration is open now,
ONLY $20 per person
(price includes hst)

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