Could you be a Gigantopithicus?

Yep, a Gigantopithicus. I think we all are at some time. Not literally, of course.

As you can tell, I’m still obsessed with the Jungle Book and just had to share another insight with you today.

In the movie the big, big ape, King Louie, is a Gigantopithicus. He’s larger than life. He has everything: a remote castle in the sky, the best fruit in the jungle, treasures and tons of loyal followers. Yet, he is still not happy. He feels like he needs something more to complete him, to make him greater, to give him more power. So, without spoiling what that is, I’ll just tell you that he attempts to enlist the help of Mogli to get that one thing he believes he needs to be more powerful.

For me, there were two lessons in this part of the movie.

Firstly, King Louie seemed to have it all. Yet, he still believed something was missing from his opulent life. And he believed in the having of that something, he would be happier, not realizing the ramifications of what the possession of that thing would be.

How often do you do that? Believe that you are incomplete? That there is something else you need to be happy or feel whole; yet don’t fully flesh out the results of getting that thing? Do you get really, really clear on why you are unhappy to determine if what you want will really be the thing that will make you happy?

Been there! Done that! Manifested the thing! Still felt the same a few days later! It wasn’t the thing that needed to change. It was how I felt about me and my circumstances that needed to change. Big! Fat! Gigantopithicus!

Can you relate?

So I’m thinking, like a movie…I’m going to keep you in suspense for a bit. So, the second thing I learned from King Louie will come tomorrow.

Until then, remember, if you don’t want to be a Gigantopithicus, I’m HERE to help.

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