Does Plastic Surgery Alter What Your Face Says About You?

To fill or not to fill, that is the question…

The other day a client asked me about plastic surgery. She wanted to know if we alter our faces with plastic surgery, do we change our personality. Chinese face reading says that any change to the face means something deeper.

Our faces tell the story of our life – our experiences, emotions, challenges and strengths. If we change our face by accident or on purpose, we essentially rewrite a chapter of our life.

Often times with plastic surgery, the change takes us out of balance because the feature or wrinkle existed on our face in the way it did for a reason. Altering the appearance of our face affects that reason and the outcome of our choices going forward. For example, vertical wrinkles on our face can be early warning signs of various degrees of stress or lack of self-care on our parts. They show up on our faces to let us know every time we look in the mirror that we have been choosing a pattern of behavior or experience that is taxing us emotionally and potentially physically. Filling the line with botox, may take away the sign, but not the cause. So, we may still be continuing the behavior that produced the wrinkle, without seeing the toll it is taking on us in our faces anymore. This can create an imbalance in our system.  However, if we know what the messages of our faces mean, then even if we choose to fill a wrinkle, knowing why it was there gives us a window of opportunity to change the behavior that caused it, so that it won’t come back again. Unfortunately, a face reading is not a pre-requisite to plastic surgery. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was!

There are reasons, beyond the life span of the botox for why wrinkles come back and fillers are not a permanent fix.

There are times when plastic surgery can be helpful. If, for example, a person has a weak chin and feels disempowered in the world, and they choose to get a chin implant. Sometimes this can increase the energy around their will power and ability to stand up in the world, although with will comes stubbornness. So, we always have to look at all of the features in combination to make sure the change creates a rebalancing, rather than an imbalance.

We are energetic systems, no one part of us functions without the other. And we are so beautifully designed that we have places in our outer world, like our faces, that help us see what is in our inner world. By paying attention to and learning the connections of our two worlds, we can make better decisions to keep our systems in balance. I am not opposed to plastic surgery. I believe we all must do what we feel is right to make us feel better about ourselves.

My wish is that everyone who considers plastic surgery learns what their face is telling them and gets an understanding of the emotional and/or character changes the surgery will affect. Then they can take the opportunities to create balance before or after the surgery.

Better yet, see wrinkles as chapters in their unique and beautiful story, not signs of aging or diminished self-worth, and consider no surgery at all!

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