Facial Intelligence and Elizabeth Holmes

Duped by a Dropout…

So as I was thinking about the topic of our discussions this week, I began listening to a podcast called “The Dropout.” I was fascinated by the story told there and frankly, I couldn’t stop listening.

The podcast chronicles the story of Elizabeth Holmes’, the youngest female billionaire in American history, fall from grace. In essence, Elizabeth, a college dropout, got people – not just people – bigwigs like Henry Kissinger and Bill Clinton to believe in, and in some cases, invest in her healthcare software development company to the tune of billions of dollars.

She claimed she had created a handheld device that could test for up to 250 lab tests normally done by drawing numerous vials of blood, with only a pinprick of blood. Needless to say, the device never worked and there was an elaborate cover up mechanism that ensued over years. Listen to the podcast if you want to learn more. It is fascinating.

You know because I’m a Facial Intelligence™ Expert, whenever I hear an interesting story about interesting people, the first thing I do is Google the photos of the people involved. I want to see what their faces are saying before I hear the whole story.

In this case, for the life of me, I can’t believe how this woman got people to invest so much in her. If anyone who came in contact with her knew how to read faces they would not have been duped. Elizabeth has a telltale sign that something is just not right. Perhaps people were so enthralled with the idea she was presenting or so captivator by her Captivator nature and her Sage voice (which she manufactured) that they were swayed beyond their better judgment.

Facial Intelligence and Elizabeth HolmesHere’s what they missed. If you take a look at the photo here, and in many of the photos of her you will see on the internet, there is something very off in her eyes. The light in her eyes is off.

It’s just noticeable enough to make you pause and think “hmmm, something’s not quite right here.” In Chinese medicine, this phenomenon is called disturbed Shen. Shen is the light in the eyes. It is an indicator of a healthy Captivator nature. When the Shen is disturbed, the Captivator energy is off somehow.

In this case, it was an indicator that this person wasn’t trustworthy, that she was in an extreme Captivator imbalance that made her present like she and her product were the centre of the world and should be given all that she asked for because “she” was asking. Her presence was so disturbing, it bordered on Captivating and those who were desperate for a change healthcare protocols put aside their inner face reader, sided with captivating over disturbing and thus were duped.

This is the power of Facial Intelligence™. A subtle cue like the light in someone’s eyes can be an indicator of a much deeper intention or position.

If you know the meaning of what you are seeing, you can make better choices… choices that do not cost billions of dollars!

More to come tomorrow!

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