Face Reading and Cellulite Part II

So often in our society how you look is a measure of your worth. Yet, if we look at our faces, we can see that some of us are “doomed” to have cellulite and rounder bodies. And rather than bemoan this characteristic of our nature, we should bless it. Round, full, fleshy faces, usually indicate a propensity toward more fleshiness in our bodies. BUT, these features, rather than indicating someone with a problem, more often than not, beautifully indicate someone who has a caring, compassionate, nurturing nature; someone for whom meaningful relationships and friendships are important. So, the next time you look at yourself in the mirror and groan about the cellulite on your legs. Look up! Notice the fullness in your face and bless your body for showing the world what a caring and compassionate person you are, before you even say a word!

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