Michelle Butt
Facial Intelligence™ Expert



(Focused, Action-Oriented, Collaborative, Educational)

Location: DiSH Events.
2B-212 Earl Stewart Drive Aurora, Ontario

The first part of the day from 10am to 12pm is the FACE OFF!

This is the getting to know you and each other through education piece. For this event we are focusing on communication strategies using Facial Intelligence™ in Business and Life.

From 12 to 1pm we will have a beautiful, specially designed to match
the theme of the day, lunch and open networking time.

The second half of the day from 1pm to 2:30pm is the FACE TO FACE POWERPLAY!

During this part of the day, a few volunteers can sit in the “spotlight box” and ask a specific question about something that is a challenge for them right now. I will do on the spot Facial Intelligence™ Coaching for them in front of the group to help them see what their features are saying about their current situation and offer advice and suggestions on what to do next.

The goal of the Spotlight Box is to help people experience the value of Facial Intelligence™ Coaching, to apply the knowledge gained in the first half of the day, to take immediate action on a problem and to get guidance in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Words from a few F.A.C.E Day attendees...

Here is what Carrie Ann had to say about F.A.C.E Day!

"I just wanted to drop a note to say how much I enjoyed Monday’s workshop. The pieces have been falling into place for me for about a month now, and Monday proved to add another nugget.  Thank you for making so much time in the event to allow for personal attention.  I think everyone left feeling seen, heard, and moved.  Looking forward to learning more and growing together."  -Kristen

We are so looking forward to having you join us.

Registration is open now,
ONLY $65 per person for the full day
(price includes lunch)