The Face of Determination

Looking at Canadian Rowing Bronze Medalist, Mark Oldershaw, he has a face that tells us he likes to be in the spotlight. (Did you know he comes from a long line of Olympians?) His eyebrows also speak of drive, determination and a competitive spirit AND they also suggest that he, himself, could be a great…

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The History of Face Reading

Face Reading first appeared in China in the 6th century B.C. Doctors in China have used the ancient science of face reading since the time of Confucius as an aid to diagnosis and help their patients. Close observation of the face provided deep knowledge of the personality of their patients as well as insight into…

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Signs of a Disturbed Person

These are some recent pictures of James Home, the U.S. Movie Theatre Shooter. So many signs of a disturbed person. His eyes show a highly emotional person who can be unable to keep things inside. They suggest someone who is hyper vigilant and sensitive to their environment and things that can throw them off balance.…

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