Hiring the Right Fit

Facial Intelligence and Hiring the Right Fit

She was so bossy!

As I have mentioned before Facial Intelligence™ gives you a great conversational advantage. I’ve also talked to you about how learning face reading and creating the Facial Intelligence™ body of work has helped me to improve my ability to discern things about people and situations.

There are many places where Facial Intelligence™ knowledge is strategically applicable.

For example, I have a friend and client who runs her own business. Recently, she was searching for a new assistant. My friend knows I’m a Facial Intelligence™ Expert; so she sent me pictures of potential candidates for the position.

This was easy enough. A quick Google search can net Facebook and/or LinkedIn photos for almost anyone these days.

She had narrowed down the candidates to two strong possibilities and asked me to look at their faces to see if I could give her any more information than what was in their resume.

Meaning “Could I help her know if their personality and habits would be compatible with the position requirements and my client’s own work style and personality.”

I did take a look at both faces and sent her a summary of each person.

What was really interesting was that my friend really liked one candidate. Her resume and experience were impressive. When I looked at that person’s face, what I saw were features that indicated a strong Royal personality, meaning she was definitely detail oriented and a perfectionist (qualities my friend were looking for), but she also would like to be in charge and could be the one who liked telling others what to do rather than the other way around.

What I actually saw was that this woman had very prominent upper cheeks, which we often call “bossy cheeks.” These cheeks indicate someone who speaks with authority very matter of factly and often likes to be the one taking control.

Well, I heard from my friend and the first thing she said to me about that candidate after she came in for the interview was, “She was so bossy! (HMMM!) I felt like I was the one being interviewed!” Needless to say, that candidate was not hired, but without the Facial Intelligence™ perspective, my friend may have mistook control for confidence and ended up with the wrong person on her team. (Similar things have happened to her before).

Facial Intelligence™ gave her a glimpse into a personality pattern that she could validate or invalidate at the interview and from a hiring perspective, the knowledge was invaluable to her.

Stay tuned for another example of how amazingly applicable Facial Intelligence is in all areas of life or business.

In the meantime, if you are hiring someone, reach out to me here first. You won’t regret it!

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