Facial Intelligence - The Best Salesperson

Facial Intelligence – The Best Salesperson

The Best Salesperson?

Tomorrow is National Salesperson Day so I thought I’d talk a little about salespeople and Facial Intelligence here for you today.

People often ask me what face makes the best salesperson face. Well, technically, anyone can be a good salesperson, but certain facial archetypes and people with certain facial features have the potential to be better at sales more innately and naturally than others.

For Captivators who are in harmony with their Captivator nature, especially those with dimples, a cleft chin and sparkly eyes, sales can come very easily and be something they can be very successful at. Captivators who are in balance can possess the perfect combination of charm, outgoingness, empathic ability and healthy self centredness to be optimally persuasive.

Yet, Captivators who are not in harmony with their nature or out of balance, could be overly empathic and feel shy or uncomfortable with people. They may be so self centred that their intentions come across disingenuine and thus they may not be as successful at sales as their features may suggest.

Warriors can be great salespeople as well. They tend to be very self assured and their natural problem solving nature can make buyers feel comfortable and confident in believing that the Warrior will provide the right solution for them.

Yet, a Warrior who is too self assured may come across as arrogant or pushy and could turn off potential buyers.

So, to me, the best salesperson is someone who is aware of the strengths and challenges in their own features and is aware of what the features of their prospects tell them about how they want to be treated. Any archetype in harmony has the potential to be and learn to be a great salesperson.

Some just have more innate skill than others. To learn more about this and the other concepts we’ve talked about this week, stay tuned, because I am working on something brand new just for you.

In the meantime, if you would like to chat, I’m right here!


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