Fun Fact Friday Vol 1

Since we are all back in the full swing of things, I thought I’d start a new series for you called Fun Fact Fridays. Every Friday I will share with you a fun fact that I have learned that may or may not be face related. Most times, they will be face and communication tips, but I will also share health and self-care tips, both physical, and emotional.

As a Facial Intelligence Expert and Holistic Life Coach, when I work with people and share insights from their faces, often times these insights reflect things that are happening and changes that need to be made in all areas of their lives. So, if I can draw connections for you holistically, I know that would bring me joy and hopefully help you as well. And at the very least, you will learn a new fun fact to share next time you are at a cocktail party!

I hope you enjoy this series and today’s Fun Fact! (Click the image below)


Fun Fact Friday

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