Fun Fact Friday Volume 48

This week I am continuing my series on the faces of children and it is actually a very special week for me. My oldest daughter turned 16 yesterday!!! I can’t believe it!

In honour of her birthday and how happy and proud I am to be her mother, I decided to share my joy with you.

You know I have an introductory course called: How to Talk so Anyone Will Listen. This is an introduction to the Facial Intelligence Archetypes and communication strategies for each archetype, whether you are talking to children or adults. This course is normally $47.00 but in honour of Junnat’s sweet 16, I am offering it to you for $16.00 from now until next Friday. Just use the coupon code SWEET16 when you go to check out and you will be able to learn more about Facial Intelligence and celebrate this milestone with us!

You can register here. I do hope you like this week’s video and you will be joining me on the course as well.

See you next week!



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Fun Fact Friday

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