Did somebody say Gigantopithicus Again?

Ok, you have to admit, it’s fun to say that word: Gigantopithicus, Gigantopithicus. But it’s not so much fun to be one!

So, yesterday I promised to share the second lesson I learned from King Louie for you. If you didn’t read about the first lesson yet, you can go here to check it out.

Lesson #2: King Louie didn’t believe he had the power or the know how to get what he wanted. So at first he tried to sweet talk Mogli into helping him; promising him food, treasures, even power. When Mogli refused to help, he resorted to threats and intimidation. Louie was so desperate to get the thing he wanted; he would try anything, which became his downfall.

What I realized was that we do this a lot in life. We are unhappy. Believe something outside of us will make us happy so we decide we absolutely must have it. Then we tell ourselves one of two lies.

One – we don’t have the power or the know how to get it on our own. This may or may not be true in some cases. But more often than not, we are so focused on alleviating the pain of our circumstance that we don’t look in the mirror and see our strengths and what we are truly capable of doing. (Yes, your face can tell you so much more about what you are capable of than you know.)

Two – when we know we really don’t have the power or the know how to get what we want on our own; we resort to any measures to get it. Big! Fat! Gigantopithicus! We can sacrifice our own moral compass; make promises we can’t keep or even manipulate others, all to alleviate the pain of our current circumstances. When what we really need to do is turn inward or turn to a gentle guide who can help us find the cure to what ails our spirit, without sacrificing who we are or hurting others, and guide us to happiness again.

Oh Gigantopithicus, so entertaining and so insightful!

By the way, if you can relate to any of what I learned from the Jungle Book movie and you are ready for some changes in your life or business, I’d be happy to be your guide and maybe together we can cure your “Gigantopithicusitis” once and for all!

As always, I’m RIGHT HERE  when you are ready.

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