Deep Fried Butter

Like deep fried butter…

I have to tell you: I love Fall! One of the reasons I love Fall so much is that all of my favorite guilty pleasure TV shows come back. One of the shows that I adore is The Blacklist. The main character is Raymond Reddington and he is a villain with a heart of gold; a man you want to hate, but end up loving by the end of every episode. He is charming and witty and as he said himself on the season premiere last week:

“Like deep fried butter, I am unhealthy and irresistible!”

Not only did this phrase crack me up, but also on many, many levels it rang true for me. How many of us have had or currently have some “deep fried butter”-like people in our world? You know… the people who just aren’t good for you, but you can’t resist having them around?

I have had my fair share of those people in my life and as my emotional arteries got dangerously close to fatal clogging, I realized I had to cut them out of my emotional diet. It hasn’t been easy. The pull of the sweetness of their presence is well, irresistible, but my well being, your well being, is much more valuable than the momentary rush being in their presence brings.

At the beginning of September, I told you a bit about how I lost a friend and was a little dismayed over the loss. Well, as time has gone on, I have come to realize that in that situation what I actually did was cut “deep fried butter” out of my life and I am feeling so emotionally healthy nowadays.

When you choose you, when you choose to resist the toxic pull of people who aren’t good for you in your life, then slowly but surely, everything begins to shift (there’s that word again –shift). It’s never easy parting with something that you are addicted to, that feels good in the moment, but so bad for days afterward, yet, to be whole and happy, it is necessary.

As I said yesterday, weaning from “deep fried butter” is not a solo endeavor, but lucky for you, I’m ready to help – anytime. You can chat with me here to start your shift.

And in the meantime – Raymond Reddington is still on my guilty pleasure list!

Talk soon,


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