Atfacevalu’s Monday Motivator: The Gift of Validation

Today, I am so proud to share with you something wonderful that happened for me last week. As you can see by the photos in this message, I was the recipient of the 2016 Innovator Award for the Business Women’s Network of York Region.bwnyr winning photo

You may wonder why I am calling this a Monday Motivator. You see I won this award because what I do as a Facial Intelligence Expert is bring a whole new perspective to connecting with others both in business and in personal relationships.

I have always believed that Facial Intelligence was the most innovative and effect way I know to build relationships on a deep and sincere level. It has been my mission over the past few years to present an ancient science in a way that applies and appeals to the nature of modern day relationships while utilizing today’s technology and language to facilitate the innovation of the art of face reading.

As one who has a predominantly Nurturer’s face (lots of roundness and full cheeks), I know that one of the things that I need most is validation. Nurturers are the ones who take care of everyone, often putting the needs of others well before their own needs. Nurturers do so without asking for anything, usually. It is in the serving and the taking care of others that Nurturers find purpose. However, like all people, Nurturers do get weary and wonder if they are doing a good enough job. One of their prime struggles is with self worth. (Do you perhaps recognize this in yourself?) The best way to recharge a Nurturer is to recognize her and validate the effort she makes for others. So for me, this award was very motivating. I am a mother of four and a coach. I spend most of my days taking care of others. It is so nice to have that care recognized and appreciated. It’s like my version of winning the lottery! 

The beauty of face reading is that our faces tell others how we need to be validated for our unique personality make up. Knowing how to read faces gives you the ability to consciously validate someone you love or admire in alignment with what they individually need to feel recognized.

Thank you for allowing me to share this proud accomplishment with you today. I hope you feel validated in your own life and business and if you would like to learn more about how to validate others (or even yourself) in your life by understanding their needs, I can help with that. Because I can guarantee you, the answer is written on their face!

As always, when you are ready I am RIGHT HERE . Let’s chat.

With deep appreciation for you,


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