Never keep this one waiting

Never keep this one waiting

Do you know you start communicating with someone even before you enter a room?

You see there are all sorts of ways to communicate and the majority of these ways are non-verbal.

Even the things you don’t do communicate to others information about you, about how you feel about them and the things you value.

One such example is whether or not you show up late for a scheduled appointment or event.

If you are a Sage being on time is probably hard for you or something you don’t consider high priority. You are more of a go with the flow person many times. Any attempt to be on time is highly conscious and requires great effort. But, when you are on time, it speaks volumes to the importance that appointment and that person holds for you.

Royals, on the other hand, value time and punctuality greatly. If you are late to a meeting with them, they will be insulted and feel either you aren’t detailed enough to work with or that you are disrespecting them.

Time and schedule adherence is just one of many subtle communication triggers that can have a big impact on your effectiveness.

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