Off to the rockiest start ever!!!

As I am writing this to you I am feeling both empowered and melancholy. I have done a lot of work over the last few years with many different coaches for many different reasons. I’ve invested lots of money on business coaches, education and personal/spiritual growth and it has paid off.

I have a thriving coaching business, a craft that I love and that is unique and life changing, and I know and love the woman I am. Yet the one place I have not previously invested deeply in has been in a physical transformation. There have been times in my life that I have been more active, and despite the fact that I am very comfortable in my own skin and am proud of the woman I see in the mirror everyday, I decided that this year, I would focus on gaining a deep understanding of how my body functions and how to optimize my energy, my strength and my health.

So, I decided it was time to hire a trainer and health coach. When we initially met, we had a great discussion. I was very specific about my desires and how I want to feel and what I want my life to look like both during and after the process of working with her. My trainer is a gorgeous, smart, determined Warrior/Captivator. Just being in her presence is motivating. In fact it was her Warrior and Captivator features that solidified my choosing her as a coach.

We agreed on a series of training sessions and she was to prepare a meal plan for me. Here is where things got rocky!

You see, the meal plan she prepared felt way too restrictive for me and on my first official session with her, I told her as such because my intention, especially this year, is honesty and transparency at all costs. Her reaction was angry, controlled, but she was visibly angry. I know that she felt like my resistance to the plan was a bad attitude and all sorts of other cop out stereotypes must have come to mind for her, and I have sat with that conclusion for hours to determine if indeed she was right.

Here’s the thing, yes, I am scared as heck to be pushed out of my comfort zone, but I am also 100% prepared to be as long as I am understood and that is where I won’t, after everything I know and everything I’ve been through, compromise in any area of my life. So if she knew that I was a Sage/Yin Warrior combination, then she would know that I need choice and variety to be happy and want to stick with something. My being thrives on change and feels stagnant and frozen with fear without the ability to choose. Flexibility and the need for it is so innate in my nature that it is the very essence upon which everything I am and do is built. If she knew me, the way I know her, then today’s interaction would have gone so differently. I don’t want to fail and I am in no way not committed to this new adventure, in fact, I know that having a more flexible meal plan, will ensure my success by design; just as the variety of exercises I have to learn are exciting to me.

This one instance solidifies to me acutely why Facial Intelligence™ is knowledge that we all should have if we interact closely with others. If we can truly understand people on a deep and profound level, then we can connect differently and way more effectively.

My trainer is lovely and we worked out a solution after we both cooled off. Although she may not have completely understood my desire for variety and it may make her job with me a little harder, I don’t believe she still doubts my commitment to our time together. I could have done a better job of explaining myself to her to avoid hurting the big open heart of a Captivator that she has and as she gets to know me, she will see (because you can bet I will teach her) how to understand my nature and how to bring out the best in me.

That’s the point isn’t it, with anything? Even if there is a formula, we all work the formula differently and we must honor who we innately are in order to be the best that we can be for ourselves and for each other.

If you want to learn how to connect with those in your world better and more authentically, then this might be a good place to start

Loving the ups and downs of the journey!


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