One of My Proudest Moments…

As a Mom, one of the stories I tell my kids every year around this time, is a story about one of my many proudest moments around my father.

He was a bus driver for the TTC for many, many years. He worked 6 days a week (one day of overtime every week and the night shift for the other 5 days) for most of that career, mainly because it gave him the opportunity to be with us after school until my mother would come home from working at the bank and it was quieter, he said.

Many of the patrons on the bus in the late evenings were factory workers who were often new immigrants and he would chat with the regulars and get to know them and their stories. I remember one fall day sitting at the kitchen table with him as he did his budget and saw him moving things around to find a little extra cash that month and I asked him why. He told me that there was a woman on the bus who had just moved here from Mexico and she had three little kids. She told him about how worried she was about the winter coming because she couldn’t afford to buy her kids proper coats for our Canadian winter and put food on the table at the same time. My father, being the incredible human being that he is, was looking for a way to serve and help this mom and her children while still being able to put food on his table for his family.

I’m happy to say that he found that way and he took that lady and her kids to buy them all warm coats for the winter. How can you not be proud of an example like that?

Because of my dad I have always loved the notion of Paying It Forward. I saw how little sacrifices that he made and taught us to make for others, made room for many blessings in our lives.

Recently, I was reminded of the importance of paying it forward as an entrepreneur by one of my mentors, Manny Wolfe. I’ve recorded a little video for you to see how I am hoping to follow in Manny’s and My Dad’s footsteps and serve others while still putting food on the table for my beautiful family. (Click image below to watch the video)



I hope this resonates with you and inspires you to join my project and create a pay it forward endeavor of your own.

Yours in gratitude,



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