Signs of a Disturbed Person

These are some recent pictures of James Home, the U.S. Movie Theatre Shooter. So many signs of a disturbed person. His eyes show a highly emotional person who can be unable to keep things inside. They suggest someone who is hyper vigilant and sensitive to their environment and things that can throw them off balance. Couple this feature with his peaked upper lip indicating a potential to be highly reactive and have “an itchy trigger finger,” James was almost destined to be the centre of this tragedy. When you can read faces, you see that there can be so many signs on the face that can help us see a person’s difficulties and challenges. As coaches, friends and family members, this can help us to reach out to them before the worst of the tendency surfaces.


  • BrenK

    Reply Reply August 29, 2012

    He certainly looks like he has crazy eyes! I would find it hard to look him in those eyes, would freak me out.

  • Jennifer

    Reply Reply August 30, 2012

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