Soooo, that happened….

Yep, somehow I’m a week behind on a project that I really thought I was on top of. Here I am thinking I’m bringing this incredible, witty, informative value to you guys and I’m a week behind and didn’t even know it. 

Has that ever happened to you? Thought you were on top of everything and then BOOM! your badass hold on it all was an illusion!

An old (very Sagey) me would have retreated and taken cover in my shell and pyjamas, hoping that maybe it was just that one person who caught my mistake and maybe when I get the courage to resurface, my world will still be there and there won’t be too many permanent scars. 

The truth is, the new me, is just as angry at myself for missing a beat but the new me, the me who recognizes every facet of the face she sees in the mirror now knows three very important things. 

  1. Perfection is an island we all create but never get to and if we could get there we’d probably hate it anyway because … well, it would be too perfect.
  2. No one is going to be permanently scarred because my PVR seems to be a week behind on the Bachelor and I have too many kids to watch it live every Monday night. This is something rectifiable and actually quite funny – not devastating. Does this mean I don’t have my stuff together? Maybe. But for me, today, it means I’m human. I’m a single mom, and an entrepreneur sharing my experience, insight and expertise with all of you and I am real… not perfect. And BTW, you don’t have to be either. You just have to be you – authentic, flawed and in total knowing of who you are so you can be FULLY authentic and FULLY flawed … Gloriously!!
  3. This is the year when I may miscommunicate. Part of the face reading process is knowing where you are in the cycles of time. (You didn’t know it was that robust did you?) For me this is a year of re-evaluating my life and path as I make way for closure and new beginnings. It is going to be a year of growth and discomfort (heck it already is!). It’s like I am in a cave, going deep and sometimes from that place I may not get the full picture right away (or be a week behind) or I may be misheard or misunderstood because I’m in that cave. This year is going to be an interesting ride and I’m going to share it with you. 

If you are in a place of wanting to understand your journey or you’re tired of reaching for perfect and want to know who the real you is, I’m here. Reach out. Let’s talk face to face. 

In awe of the process of life… 


P.S. If you want to join our Bachelor party, here’s the link to our Faces of the Bachelor Facebook Group. Promise I’ll be caught up soon! 

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