My Summer of Self Discovery

As you may know, if you’ve been reading my newsletters for a while, there have been a lot of changes in my life over the last year:

  • My five year relationship ended
  • My ex-husband remarried which impacted my children (and me) in a variety of ways
  • My son had some health challenges
  • I moved, downsized, in fact
  • Yet, I managed to continue to grow my business and receive a coveted award for Innovation in Business.

What I decided to do this summer was take stock of all the changes and how I had handled them because I’m actually very happy with where I am right now and where I’m heading and I wanted to really understand how I got here. 

I have called this My Summer of Self-Discovery. Through my journey of self-discovery, I realized that the one constant that got me through every rough patch was my ability to look in the mirror and see my inner self reflecting back at me how my circumstances and choices were affecting my attitude as well as my well-being. My reflection has been my gauge of how well I’ve been handling my day-to-day life and my tool for knowing what choices to make next. 

For example, whenever I was feeling like a victim (“Oh, poor me, I can’t believe this is happening, poor me, poor me.”), I would notice that I was holding my mouth in a downturned smile, even in neutral. I was tensing my mouth and would find myself pressing my lips together habitually into a thin line. This wasn’t me at all!

What these behaviours and indicators were telling me, was that I was expecting to be disappointed; hence I was feeling like and expecting to be a victim. That was not how I wanted to feel and so my reflection got me to do some self-discovery. Because I know Facial Intelligence work, I knew that the core intention behind these results showing up on my face was to let me know that I was giving so much to others that I wasn’t making enough room for self-care and I wasn’t being fully receptive to others’ help either. No wonder, I was feeling like a victim. This discovery allowed me to make more room in my life for downtime and self-care and allowed me to say “yes” to help more often when it was offered. 

I have been able to snap myself out of such thoughts and behaviours many times, because I can read my reflection. As you can see, Facial Intelligence offers a whole new level and perspective to Self-Discovery. 

I would love for you to have your own Summer of Self Discovery as well. If you are dealing with a lot of change or if your life or relationships just aren’t where you want them to be, then perhaps, like me, some of your answers are in your face and I can reflect them back to you.

For the next seven days, I am offering a very special rate on Personal Face Coaching Sessions. My normal rate for one-time sessions is $197 USD. For the next seven days only, if you book a session with me, I am offering it to you for only $97USD. (For my Canadian friends, this price includes all taxes.) 

And if you discover that you want to continue to work with together further, once you’ve had your first session, you will be eligible for Summer of Self Discovery Special Discounted Rates on Coaching Packages as well. I really would like to help you move your life and relationships forward.

If you have truly been wanting to make changes in your life and you have not found the right tools yet, then maybe the answers you seek are in the mirror and I would be honored to reflect those back to you.

Every challenge in my life is so much easier to overcome and thrive through because I have the ability to see the answers in my face and those of the faces around me.

Join me, and start your own Summer of Self Discovery today!

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