Talking to the mirror…

I know a lot of gurus and coaches who use mirror affirmations as a tool to help their clients move through blocks.

Talking to yourself in the mirror can be an interesting exercise.

Have you ever done mirror affirmations?

After learning so much about the face over the last 10 years, I have my own opinion of tools like mirror affirmations.

I think they can be a great tool… if you know what you are looking at and for and if you use the right words for your dominant facial archetypes.

I recently read a book where the author suggested mirror talk time each day.

He had a strong Warrior face. So his mirror talk suggestions consisted of giving yourself orders and yelling at yourself to do what you know you must do. This approach certainly worked to fire his Warrior up, but I can tell you, it would not work with the other archetypes.

Understanding who you are when you look in the mirror from a Facial Intelligence™ perspective can go a long way to helping you actually get motivated and get the right results for you from some mirror talk time.

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