I have learned so much from Michelle in a short period of time about facial intelligence it is sometimes hard to stop staring at people when I am looking at their face.

Jacqueline Crawford

I’m so glad I have taken this course with Michelle! It’s helped me understand myself in a new way which has given me confidence in how to present myself in business as well as be able to begin to read and respond to others in a way that is helpful to them! I love it.

Wendy Williams


Family conversation today about my oldest switching schools next year. My oldest had a sense of relief flood over him as though just the indecision itself was the source of his anxiety these past few weeks. My youngest took it hard. He is not the type to tell you his feelings but his behaviour only minutes later told the story.  The most awesome part is that my new knowledge of Facial Intelligence TM and parenting allowed me to understand his reaction and instead of reacting like usual I accepted and acknowledged. Thank you so very much Michelle.

Within minutes the anger (how he reacts to stress) subsided and life went on as usual. My previous reactions would have caused this reaction to escalate and fuel his 'fire' until there was no turning back.

What an awesome tool I am learning that allows an interesting understanding of human behaviour - and is especially helpful with children (and some adults) that cannot tell you what is going on inside them.  What a glorious day!

-- Darcy H.