The face of the right employee

The Face of the Right Employee

Hiring the right person for the job can be a big challenge, but knowing what their face says about them can help the process be a successful one.

A person’s face can reveal how they do their work in the world, what they need to be successful at their job, how they learn and what their challenges may be. A person’s nose will reveal how detail oriented they are or whether or not they will be a good team player. Eyebrows will tell an employer if the person is confident, competitive or prone to anger and frustration as well as what kind of decision maker they will be.

A resume can be impressive and a person can speak well in an interview, but their face will reveal what is really true about their work style and fit for the job.

There is a lot of time and money invested by companies in the hiring process. Having a face reading of candidates can give companies an advantage up front in deciding who truly is the best candidate for the job.

Check out this note I received from a client whom I helped with her hiring process. It shows truly shows how face reading helped pick the right employee.

I have used Michelle Butt’s face reading services and am totally astounded by the accuracy. Unfortunately, the first time  I used her services, was after I had hired someone. She basically told me that the person was ethical and hard-working but under confident and stressed and to beware because she had some health issues. I only wish I had spoken to her before I hired the individual, because sure enough, within a few weeks the candidate went off on disability.

When I decided to hire again, I got Michelle to do the face reading while in the interview process. This candidate had the perfect resume and a great first interview but I wasn’t sure that she was right for the job. After the first interview, I asked Michelle to provide her services from a photo. She basically said that the prospective employee had some alternative motive. Nevertheless, I decided to run a second interview where I met with a candidate briefly and one of my assistants met with her. It was very interesting to find out during the course of the interview, that the candidate did have alternative plans. It was even more interesting when my assistant said almost exactly the same thing that Michelle had said. I knew that this was not the right candidate for the position so I kept looking.

The last candidate I had, I actually brought Michelle into the meeting. She confirmed that this was a great candidate for the position which was the gut feeling that both  my assistant and I had. What was of more interest was that she pointed out how this person worked and what were some of the things that we needed to do for her to be successful. One of the things she mentioned was that this person would need to write things down in order to process the information and that I should provide her with a steno pad and pen at all times. I almost laughed when the first day the candidate showed up for work a little distressed that she had left her pad of paper in the car. I told her that wasn’t a problem since we had steno pad for her.

Without going into personal details, I can tell you that I am both amazed and shocked at how accurate Michelle’s face reading has been both on a personal and professional level. Not only did she provide insights on individuals, but more importantly, she provides strategies on how the people work and how to successfully interact with them.  This is equally if not more important since getting the candidate is only the first step, whereas training, integrating and allowing the candidate to flourish and bring value to the Corporation are the real challenges.  

Michelle’s insights on hiring candidates has been extremely useful and  saved my company a lot of time, money and aggravation,, thereby contributing to our success. I can definitely say, that going forward, if and when I need to hire another person, I will definitely be using Michelle’s services.


Julie Kranitz-Andrade
B.Com., CFP, CH.F.C., E.P.C.
Wealth Maximization Group/IPC Investment Corporation

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  • Doug

    Reply Reply January 26, 2021

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