The History of Energy Clearing

Our bodies are energetic systems that are constantly working to achieve a state of balance.

People, places, and things all absorb and trade energy. We can store energy up and radiate it back out or hold on to it indefinitely. We are positively affected by balanced, loving energy and negatively affected by unbalanced, fear-based energy. Sometimes we get too charged up with one energy or another, or have a lack of it because it has leaked out, been negatively impacted, been taken from us, or because we gave it away. This can create imbalances in our own energetic system that can potentially make us physically unhealthy or cause us to feel unfulfilled emotionally or psychologically, stuck and unable to achieve our goals or feel the joy for life we deserve.

Sometimes there are blocks in our energetic systems as well. These blocks can cause us to resist abundance, hold on to unwanted weight, or be unable to release past events from our lives.

This is where energy clearing comes in. Since ancient times, people have used various methods to clear energy and rebalance energeticsystems. Because energy knows no time or space, energy clearings can be done from anywhere.

One of the best methods for clearing energy and removing energy blocks is with using a pendulum and five elements based energetic protocol.

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