The History of Nine Star Ki

The origin of Nine Star Ki is unknown, but it can be dated to pre-historic China when Xia Yu (about 2180 B.C) was Emperor.

While Xia Yu was supervising a flood control project, he came across a giant tortoise, which had been symbolic of longevity and happiness in ancient China. Under close examination of the tortoise, Xia Yu noticed there were markings on the shell. The markings appeared to be positioned in different octagonal partitions that are common to the tortoise shell pattern. The diagram is known as the Luo Shu (The Book of Luo). Nine Star Ki became a system created to unify the understanding of human interactions and events using the numbers on nine chambers of the Luo Shu.

Nine Star Ki shares the Feng Shui fundamentals that are based in I-Ching, the concepts of yin and yang, Five Elements theory, the seasons in nature and the movement of the stars and energy through space and time. Nine Star Ki is an embodiment of all ancient philosophies.

Even though Nine Star Ki originated in China, it was brought to Japan by travelling monks and is very popular there still today.

Nine Star Ki is a simple and profound system based on cycles of nine. It originated in China, evolving from the 9-House system of astrology and was brought to Japan by travelling monks, where it is extremely popular today.

In Nine Star Ki , it is believed that on the day that you are born, you are imprinted with the energy of the universe on that day, the energy of your “star”. Your “star” or Energetic Signature, moves through time in nine-year cycles.

There are two aspects to Nine Star Ki.

The first is that it your personal Nine Star Ki Energetic Signature gives you information on three aspects of your nature and personality.
1. It provides you with information on who you innately are. That is, who you came here to be.
2. It also provides you with information and understanding about who you are when you are under stress: how you behave and what you need. It speaks to the face you show to those you are closest to in life.
3. Lastly, it provides you with information on how others see you upon first impression. As well, it reveals your greatest strength and your greatest challenge in this lifetime.

The second is that Nine Star Ki provides information on how your energy specifically move through time in the nine year cycles. Knowing where you are in the cycles of time helps you understand what you are going through and how to face the year. It can help in planning or initiating activities in your life. Choosing the best possible time to do things in your life by knowing your Nine Star Ki information can lead to greater success, certainty and happiness for you.

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  • Sean Moore

    Reply Reply November 20, 2018

    What is the difference between Nine Ki and Flying Star?. According to Nine Ki my Life Star/primary Star is 5 Yellow Soil, but in Flying Star this considered an evil star, so I’m really confused. So is my Life Star inauspicious?. Sean.

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