The most important thing to consider

The most important thing to consider

There is one thing that all of us forget more times than we care to admit.

We carry on conversations all the time. We meet people. Start chatting. Walk away. Stay. Even talk to ourselves.

Yet most of the time, we forget this one important thing: Every conversation has a purpose.

Even if we don’t consciously think about it, there is a purpose to every interaction we have with others, and with ourselves.

The problem is that we don’t always think about the purpose often enough to make our conversations more meaningful.

Here’s an example. You get up. Look in the mirror. Notice a new wrinkle and immediately start having an internal dialogue. It may go something like, “Oh no. I’m looking old. How did that get there. I can’t believe it…etc.”

Now, if you remembered that each conversation has a purpose before you looked in the mirror. You might then choose to decide what the purpose of that internal conversation would be for you. Do you want to give yourself a pep talk or belittle yourself? Depending on which purpose you choose, that internal dialogue and your day could go a very different way, couldn’t it?

This is what Facial Intelligence™ trains you to do. One of the main premises of the work is to use the face as a tool to better advance your interaction towards the conclusion of your purpose. Facial features help you to understand the other person on a deeper level and in turn helps you to consciously build the conversation around more certain connection points.

In Power, Persuasion and Influence we teach you how to use Facial Intelligence™ knowledge to achieve your purpose with more ease than you had before. Stay tuned for the next opening of this course.

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