The Story of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Face

Arnold is back in the news after laying low for two years. He is telling his story in his new autobiography “Total Recall,” released Oct. 1st, 2012. He has been a man who has been at the top of his game in almost every endeavor he has ever undertaken. Is it any wonder? No, It’s written all over his face!

If we look closely at Arnold’s face, we see that he has a strong well-defined jaw and thick, full straight eyebrows. His jaw and eyebrows speak of a person who is driven and competitive, someone for whom exercise and strength would be very important. They also speak to someone who has the potential to be a great leader. The way his eyebrows come down close to his eyes, show that he is someone who sticks with things and people to help them to be successful. He uses a very logical approach to things. In other words, he thinks with his head, not his heart more often than not. Arnold’s chin tells us that he is tenacious and at times stubborn. He is the man who will stick with something; long after everyone else has thrown in the towel.

Is it any wonder that he became Mr. Universe at only 21, moved to America and learned to be fluent in English in just 5 years, and within ten years cultivated an acting career that earned him a Golden Globe award? He also earned his college degree and became a millionaire real estate entrepreneur and later became governor of California.

But what about his infidelity and his scandalous fall from grace? Is that written on his face too?

Indeed it is. Arnold has deeply indented temples. In face reading, we call the temples “the area of altered states.” Indented temples usually indicate a propensity for compulsion and addiction. In Arnold’s case, in the beginning, the strength of this feature helped him succeed in life. Being addicted to exercise and weight lifting, addicted to learning, addicted to his craft as an actor, addicted to serving in the political arena all were positive outcomes of this compulsive tendency in his unique blueprint. However, at some point, his compulsive behavior became out of balance and it extended into the sexual arena of his life and led to his infidelity. The combination of  features in his eyebrows, jaw, and temples also speaks to someone who has extra reserves of testosterone which can also lead to a possibility of heightened sex drive and/or infidelity for some.

Yet, when we look at the story Arnold’s face tells today, we can see the toll that his indiscretion has taken on him. His mouth tells us that he is someone for whom family and home are important, and there is no doubt in my mind that he regrets the hurt he has caused his family.

When I look at his face and I see the vertical lines that have developed in his lower cheeks, I see that he feels a sense of lack in his life and this most certainly may be a lack of connection to his family and ex-wife. There are also sorrow lines etched in his face that prove that he has felt the pain of his actions in his life.

More than anything, Arnold’s face tells us that he is a strong, driven, tenacious man who has the potential to care deeply for what he believes in. He is a leader who is compelled to find ways to make a difference in the world. Even now, Arnold is launching the USC Arnold Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy with the aim of addressing global hunger among other causes.

There is so much more I could say about this remarkable man’s face, however, that would be a book in itself. To learn more about face reading or what your face tells the world, contact us.

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  • veeru

    Reply Reply October 8, 2018

    i think arnie is a complete man and he would the only president in the usa who wouldnt drop bombs and be a baby killer. arnold will live 4 ever.

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