They Say this About Hindsight

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage: “Hindsight is 20/20.”

I remember living by this motto for many, many years.

Then I realized that hindsight being 20/20 was not very helpful.

By the time, you are looking back, the damage has already been done. I have now come to know that hindsight was why I developed the Facial Intelligence™ work in the first place.

All the things I was missing that if only I had been able to see before I looked back would never have been missed if I had a better FORESIGHT tool.

In essence, that is what Facial Intelligence™is. It is a FORESIGHT tool. It’s not “woo woo.” It’s observable, predictable behavioural foresight.

Now, I rely on foresight more than hindsight by using faces as my guide to predicting the behaviour of others and the outcome of our interactions.

This is what I want to begin to teach you about at the next F.A.C.E. Day on May 2nd. If you would like to look forward with more confidence instead of looking back to course correct, then you need to join us for F.A.C.E. Day.

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