Time Flies…

This morning when I woke up I realized that today is a very special day. Not only is my second daughter graduating from Grade 8 today, but it is also my anniversary.

It is the anniversary of my very first day of my very first full time job. Yep, 22 years ago today, I hand-648445_640started work at Bell Canada. It was my first grown up job and shaped the course of my life in many, many ways.

Little did I know as I sat in the training room that morning that because of that job, I would become a leader and encourager of people, that I would get my first real promotion and get recognized for my contribution to improving process and morale for the better, that I would begin my journey into self-development and people development. Bell Canada gave me the opportunity to learn from the greats like Brian Tracy and Steven Covey and created my desire to become a Coach.

Through that job I met my ex-husband and we had four amazing kids together. Those kids made me realize that I couldn’t go back to a corporate life but I could continue to help people learn, grow and change for the better as an entrepreneur, making my own schedule to get the best of my career and the best of my family.

It’s amazing to see how we evolve over time and how one decision or experience can shape so much of the rest of our lives.

Today, I wanted to say thank you to you for sharing my journey with me and allowing me to share yours with you.

forward-1276290_640 22 years ago I had a new start. Today my daughter has a new start as she graduates and prepares to move on to a new phase of her life in high school. Today, I am also moving on to a new phase in my life and business. Over the next few weeks, Atfacevalu is going to graduate to a new design and a new concept. I am changing everything up and I am so excited.

Stay tuned for the new format and the new offerings!

What isn’t changing though is that I am here for you. If you would like to chat and see what your face reveals about the impact of the experiences in your life, just follow this link for a complimentary discovery session.

Excited about the future!



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