Weekly Face Lift: Warning Signs on James Gandolfini’s Face

In this week’s Weekly FaceLift, I’d like to talk to you about James Gandolfini. We all know him as Tony Soprano. Sadly, we lost him a short time ago to a sudden heart attack. I was shocked when I heard the news, because he was one of my favourite actors. Yet as I took a closer look at the pictures of him that were all over the internet shortly after his death, I saw the warning signs of the possibility of just such an occurance on his face. If only he knew what to look for and what the features on his face were telling him, perhaps he might have been able to address some health issues and change his outcome.

Let me explain…

If you look at the picture of James in this post, you will see that he has a line or cleft on the tip of his nose. This line tells us that James had the potential to have what we call a “vulnerable heart.” This means, that he could be very open-hearted in relationships, leaving himself vulnerable to heartbreak or betrayal, but it can also speak to the condition of his physical heart, meaning that the state of his actual heart, the organ, could be vulnerable. Seeing this line on a face, gets me, as a face reader, curious not only about the state of a person’s relationships and openness with others, but also their health, particularly their heart. And although I am not in the medical profession and would not at all be in a position to diagnosis heath issues, there is nothing wrong with noticing potential warning signs our faces or bodies are giving us and checking out the state of our health or habits, especially since face reading has it’s origins in Chinese Medicine.

If James had known what just this line on his nose was saying about the potential for heart vulnerability, perhaps he could have done some things differently in life to protect his heart more.

Also, James has a small diagonal line on his earlobes. This is more prominent in some pictures than others. This line can indicate potential for high blood pressure. Again, the face tells us about our emotional, physical and mental state in relation to our life experiences and our thoughts, behaviours and feelings around them. As we see through pictures, this line on James earlobes tends to come and go, which could indicate how he was managing his health, particularly his blood pressure. Only those close to him would know for sure.

Not every feature or line indicates something so extreme, but in James’ case, we can see where knowing what his face alone was telling him could have caused him to seek some medical intervention or change of lifestyle habits.

The point is, our faces are telling the story of who we are in every moment. If we read the signs, not only do we get a better understanding of who we are emotionally, those signs, could very well save our lives!

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