Weekly Facelift – What’s up with Sun Spots?…



Or AGE spots as the big name cosmetics companies like to call them. These days any dark spot, wrinkle or blemish on the face is automatically touted as something bad that an expensive cream or treatment can remove and make you more beautiful or younger.

The irony is, most times, those creams don’t work and those treatments are not permanent because the truth is the markings and wrinkles on your face have very little to do at all with sun exposure or aging, per se.

Wrinkles are caused by repeated expressions, which result from repeated patterns of thoughts or behaviors. The more you make an expression the more deeply and rapidly the wrinkle may develop. Every wrinkle has an emotional meaning. It is representative of the story of you, of how you think, how you behave, how you respond to circumstances, how your life experiences have affected how you move through the world. They are badges of honor and chapters in the book of you. Often times, wrinkles can represent lessons learned in life. Get rid of the wrinkle, potentially, get rid of the lesson! And the lesson will have to be relearned, sometimes more painfully than before.

Age spots/sunspots are the same. Creams are usually ineffective because they show up on a face in a particular place for a reason. They are markers of emotional or physical challenges you are currently, have in the past or may in future experience. When you can see them through that filter, then you can begin to understand your journey here better and perhaps erase the line or spot just by doing the inner work necessary to deal with underlying emotions.

Our faces are our own personal instruction manuals. If something isn’t working in your life, chances are the explanation and solution can be found written in the lines, spots and features on your face.

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