Why Grandma What a Big Nose You Have!


Do you remember this phrase from Little Red Riding Hood?

Whenever I read that story now to my kids, I think of the meaning of a “big nose” in face reading and shake my head at the connotation a big nose has in society today and the true meaning of a nose.

So often today, people are having nose jobs done to change the shape or size of their noses because a nose that is large or has a bump on it is considered unattractive in our society. Yet, if a person considering plastic surgery knew what their nose meant in terms of their patterns of behavior and it’s contribution to their potential for personal power, I wonder if they would reconsider the surgery.

You see, our noses have significant meanings. One thing our noses represent is how we do our work in the world, how much attention to detail we pay, how much we care about the quality of our work, how much of a perfectionist we can be, whether or not we like to be in control or in charge, whether we work best independently or in teams. All of this valuable information about our innate personalities is as plain as the nose on our face! Did you know that? Did you know that if you take away the bump in your nose, you diminish your ability and/or desire to be the one who can take control, lead and get things done. This one change could alter how you run your business, your life or how you behave in relationship.

Our noses also are representative of the decade of our 40’s. Change your nose, potentially you change the course of life in your 40’s. Just look at Michael Jackson. He was destined to have an incredibly fulfilling life in his 40’s with his original nose. Instead, he ended up isolated, reclusive and most likely unhappy. In fact, his 40’s were so altered by the changes in his nose that he made, that his life ended just after leaving that decade. Something to think about…

Every feature on our face reveals valuable and accurate information about who we are and how we show up in the world. Knowing your story as written on your face or being able to read the story of others can and does dramatically change how you move through your life and how you interact with others in every arena.

If you want to learn more about what your face says or how to read faces for yourself and how this knowledge can be applied in your personal and professional life, then click HERE for information on early bird sign up to Atfacevalu Face Reading 101 beginning in August 2013.


  • Michele Penn

    Reply Reply July 13, 2013

    Michelle, you continually impress me with all of this interesting information. I never knew you could tell so much from a person’s face. I’m going to go back and read some of your old blogs!!! Thank you for sharing this with us. What you do is amazing. Peace and love, Michele.

    • michelle

      Reply Reply July 13, 2013

      Thanks so much Michele!

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