The Winds of Change are Blowing

This morning I woke up to strong winds blowing here. It is an especially and uncharacteristically windy morning.

As my alarm went off and I heard the wind howling outside my windows, I knew that nature was reflecting something big in our world. Sure enough, as soon as I checked the election results, I understood the turmoil outside my window was, perhaps, reflective of the turmoil America and the world may be in today.

Although, I won’t express my personal opinion on having Donald Trump as the new president of the United States, what I will say is that I am not surprised that he won. There are strong features on his face (despite what may come out of his mouth), that indicate that his highest intention is to be an agent for change, a warrior archetype. I suspect that is what the nation has been craving. Although, Obama, also has features that indicate he, too, is an agent for change, Obama has a much more methodical approach; a need to see the logic and take his time to make the right decisions. This may have been a frustration of the American people as we are in the age of instant gratification and his promises may have seemed to take too long to fulfill. Trump on the other hand, has features that indicate that he is much more of a reactive decision maker and thinker. So, his ability to potentially affect change faster may be what the people want.

I do have to admit that in my heart of hearts, I knew Hilary would not have won this election, and her face told me why. Despite all of her accomplishments and everything she brings to the table, what she brings most prominently in the form of some telltale wrinkles is a general air that she is in a state of disappointment and victimhood in her internal world. Her underlying general demeanor is one that radiates a sense that things never really work out for her and she has a theme of disappointment going on under the surface. When you look at Hilary’s face from a Facial Intelligence perspective, you see someone who may have overcome challenges, but still very much, on a daily basis, identifies with being the victim and being disappointed. I don’t know if that is someone the nation would put their faith in to lead in difficult times with other strong nations vying for power. If you expect to be disappointed, you will be, and this will translate to the global political arena. In the end, if you just look at the faces of the candidates and ignore any of what they said, Trump’s face says: warrior, agent for change. Hilary’s says: theme of disappointment, victim. When it comes to representing a country, the faces tell the story of who would be chosen: a warrior or a victim?

There are many features on Trump’s face and in his actions that say that he has a long way to go to recover from the damage done in the last months. Despite some strong qualities in his face, his words and actions do show a man with a lot to prove and lots of trust to regain. However, the winds of change are blowing and the people have spoken, unconsciously reading the big signs on both of these people’s faces.

As you can see, faces tell us so much about what someone’s internal drivers are, what innate patterns they possess and their current or overall state of being. More often than not, it is not the words that come out of someone’s mouth that tell you who they are, but what they don’t say, what their faces say for them.

If you would like to understand what your face is saying for you, if you are ready to feel the winds of change wash over your own life, then now is the perfect time to do that. My 500 faces project is underway and it is here to present you with an opportunity to get to know yourself on a deeper level for an incredibly reasonable investment.

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Wishing you peace and new beginnings today.

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