The Wisdom of Toucan Sam

“Follow your nose… It always knows”

If you have kids, then you know Toucan Sam, the Froot Loops Mascot. Follow your nose is his line and you know, from a Facial Intelligence™ perspective, he’s not wrong – depending on the situation.

Last Friday for Fun Fact Friday I talked about manifesting and clarity and how Royals have the potential to be innately good at manifesting what they want. I got lots of feedback from people about that, especially from those who aren’t strongly Royal in their facial feature profile.

So, I thought I’d pop in today and explain a little bit more for you. You see the feature that is the most indicative of a Royal nature if it is prominent is the NOSE. So if one has a strong/prominent nose there is a good chance they identify strongly with the Royal personality profile. Of course having other strong Royal features will enhance this too. Yet, the thing is we all have noses. In fact, although I have very few Royal features, I do (if you recall the pic I attached last week with my cheek highlight) have a sizeable nose (Thanks Dad!). This means that even though I don’t feel Royal all the time, I can tap into some aspects of being Royal and work them to my advantage.

You can too. See, when you know what a feature means and you know what you are trying to accomplish in any given situation, you can tap into the power of the strength of that feature to help you succeed or to understand why you may not be succeeding.

The nose, among other things, is representative of our ability to see the big picture and all the details at the same time. It is indicative of how we do our work in the world and how much control we need. So if you want to manifest something and we know from the universal laws that the more detailed the description the more accurate the manifestation will be, having a prominent nose means you will be detailed oriented naturally most of the time. Hence the theory that Royals are good at manifesting.

If you happen to have a smaller nose, then you now know that you have to spend more time and effort mapping out the details and seeing the ideal. Maybe you need to get some help from someone with a prominent nose to help bring clarity to your vision. But now you know and you can perhaps understand why you are where you are and how to begin to find the assistance to change your circumstances if you are ready.

This is why I love this work so much. Every aspect of a face has a clue as to how to live a more successful and joyful life.

If you are ready to start learning more about how to see yourself differently and find out all the other things a nose tells you, then Masterful Connecting 101 is for you!

You can sign up here.

Can ‘t wait to see you follow your nose to success!


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