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Why Facial Intelligence, Michelle?

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Facial Intelligence… Reinventing Communication and Accelerating Results

There is an unspoken language we all speak, but few understand. That is the language of the face. I am a translator of that language for you.

Faces speak of innate patterns of thoughts and behaviours. They tell the world about the habits we have formed in response to our life experiences and our interpretations of them. Faces are not just representative of our Familial DNA but of our Emotional DNA as well.

Whether you are looking to improve your relationship with yourself, a loved one, a client or a business associate, raising your facial IQ will be the most valuable move you can make to change the results you are getting today.

Julie Kranitz-Andrade B.Com., CFP, CH.F.C., E.P.C. Julie Kranitz-Andrade B.Com., CFP, CH.F.C., E.P.C., Wealth Maximization Group/IPC Investment Corporation

I can tell you that I am both amazed and shocked at how accurate Michelle's face reading has been both on a personal and professional level. Not only did she provide insights on individuals, more importantly, she provides strategies on how the people work and how to successfully interact with them.  This is equally if not more important since getting the candidate is only the first step, whereas training, integrating and allowing the candidate to flourish and bring value to the Corporation are the real challenges.

Michelle's insights on hiring candidates has been extremely useful and saved my company a lot of time, money and aggravation, thereby contributing to our success.

Daniel Van Duffelen Area Sales Director, Central, Interiors Daniel Van Duffelen Area Sales Director, Central, Interiors, Grand and Toy

The presentation you provided to my team has given us that leading edge I was looking for. It is incredible to learn how some of the smallest details, markings and features can tell you so much about someone’s tendencies, characteristics and behaviours.

Many of my staff have already started to rethink their approach with some of the customers they have challenges with. Having a greater understanding of a customer’s face and what their tendencies are has empowered my sales team to conduct calls with precision maximizing the result of their meetings.